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We provide services to public, commercial, non-profit and other organizations,
as well as individual entrepreneurs

Our audit services

Statutory audit

We will study all economic activity of the organization, assess the status of calculations with budget and off-budget funds, analyze the correctness of formation of tax base

Initiative audit

We will study all economic activity of the organization, help to understand errors and correct them, test the correctness of taxes assessment, detect financial fraud

Express audit

We will quickly check the activity of the organization for a specific period and in a certain segment, control the correctness of reporting (including on international projects)

Our accounting services

Business analysis

We will analyze the specifics of the business, their reflection in accounting, assess the state of affairs in the financial and personnel accounting of the organization

Accounting organization

We will restore all the paperwork and bring order in accounting, calculate the tax burden, we keep all the financial and personnel records on a full and continuous basis

Legal consulting

We will consult on tax legislation and planning, labor and civil legislation, business practices, explain the features of Russian legislation for foreign business

Our law services

Preparation of documents

We will draw up documents from scratch, check contracts and agreements, bring the constituent documents into line with the legislation in force

Legal consulting

We will consult on anti-monopoly, tax, labor, civil legislation, foreign business activities in Russian jurisdiction (including on international projects) and other business matters

Business registration

We will register LLC, media, IE, separate units, foreign branches and offices, put the organization on the register in the state regulators, organise a change of taxaction system

Our banking maintenance

Bank consulting

We will choose the most profitable bank for the business, fill in the forms for the bank, help with obtaining credit and exchange control

Documents management

We will form electronic payments, control the successful execution of transactions, take into account the bank statements

Business adaptation

We will adapt banking maintenance to business needs (including on international transfers), update documents, organize salary project

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236010, Kaliningrad, Vagonostroitelnaya street, 3-5


Interdistrict Tax Inspectorate of the Russian Federation № 8 on Pobedy avenue, Kaliningrad, 38 «А»

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